Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh fear the monsoon

Aid agencies and the UN have warned that Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh are at risk as the monsoon season begins in South Asia. Heavy rains and cyclones could cause enormous damage to refugee camps in Cox’s Bazar. My story for Deutsche Welle.

Rohingya refugee Mohammed Hayis. Photo: Ate Hoekstra

After Mohammed Hayis and his family arrived in Bangladesh in September last year, he built a shed out of plastic and bamboo on top of a hill composed of sand and clay. Now that the monsoon season is about to intensify, he is worried about his family’s safety.

“We already had the first serious showers in the past few weeks,” the Rohingya man told DW. “A few times it rained during the night. My wife and I were so scared that we couldn’t sleep anymore. We were terrified that something bad would happen to the kids.”

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