A fishy industry for migrants in Thailand

Despite some progress, many migrant workers continue to be abused and exploited in Thailand’s fishing industry. I looked into it for UCANews.

Drying fish in Cambodia. Photo: Ate Hoekstra

It was in the late evening of Sept. 27 last year when Zeha Pourng set out to sea. The Cambodian migrant worker was all by himself and was given the task to attract fish with a small light boat to a fishing vessel of a Thai fishing company that cannot be named for legal reasons. Zeha had done the work before, but this evening he got caught up in a storm in the Gulf of Thailand.

What exactly happened to 28-year-old Zeha is still a mystery. Eight days after that stormy night, his boat was found near the island of Koh Samet. The fisherman’s body was never found.

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