Cambodian garment workers stay poor

Cambodia’s garment industry provides cheap labor that allows for low prices and fast fashion around the world. But the people producing the clothing are struggling to stitch together a living. For Deutsche Welle I investigated if a recent wage increase makes a difference for the workers.

Garment worker Phon Chane. Foto: Ate Hoekstra

“Garment worker Eang Sok Nath often works 12 hour days six times a week. But despite these long working hours and a salary increase early this year, 26-year-old Eang still has trouble making ends meet.

“In January I earned 93,300 riel ($230), but everything has gotten more expensive,” Eang told DW. “The prices of vegetables, meat and fish have all gone up. And just before the salary increase, my landlord raised the rent of my room 20,200 riel ($5.00) per month.””

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